Here’s what our clients say:

WhenThen Kids is a great new tool for all parents who want up-to-date and evidence-informed information on what insights can help them parent with more confidence and better results. As a physician, I see this is a daily struggle for modern parents that care deeply and need the support!

— Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, physician, mom, and CEO cofounder of myBestHelper

I used the material on “Gratitude” that you recently sent out with college students and they loved it. I am thoroughly enjoying being signed up!

— Fran Grunberg, Social Work Instructor, Mom and Grandma

WhenThen Kids has done the research so that I don’t have to! Their program has been a great resource of information on parenting, from a scientific perspective. Each week, I enjoy reading the different ideas they offer about ways I can help my kids with their confidence socially and emotionally. Through the activities they offer, I have been able to try different techniques that I may not have thought of before. I feel assured that these techniques work, because they are researched thoroughly, not just someone’s opinion on the matter.

Recently, I’ve been trying their idea about being more aware of the subtle changes I can make in the language I use with my kids that would help them with their confidence, like paying attention the labels I use for them or encouraging them by using ‘not yet’. For example, when my son said, ‘I can’t kick the soccer ball that far’, I told him ‘You can’t kick it that far yet, but we’ll keep working on it until you can.’ This reassured him that I heard his frustration, but reminded him that he will grow stronger. I think it worked really well!

— Janine L., Victoria B.C.

It is a great feeling to know that the information that I get from WhenThen kids is well researched and sourced. I can trust in the advice.  

— Keri F., Mom of 2, Surrey, B.C.

I have found the WhenThen Kids emails so helpful – especially the topics about choosing compliments wisely and helping kids deal with failure. The information shared in these emails has become a regular source of conversation between my husband and I as we try to raise our three-year-old and one-year-old daughters in a supportive, loving environment. I love the excerpts from studies and concrete examples on how to apply the information in our day-to-day lives.

— Laura J., Sidney, B.C.

I have appreciated the careful language and realistic examples, paired with images and links used in WhenThen Kids. I find the topics to be not only relevant but also varied so that parents and families with diverse needs and expectations may find something useful to explore, to ponder and to try out as well.

— Dr. Mari Pighini, Mom & Educator

Reading parenting books sometimes hurts my soul because they often have conflicting advice and sometimes come with a heavy dose of parental judgement. WhenThen resources focus on strength and are written with warmth and positivity. To me the best part is they are based on the best evidence that is currently available.

The topics covered are the fodder for our dinnertime conversations where my husband and I do our parental plotting. I almost can’t wait for our daughter to give us some attitude so we can apply what we’ve learned from WhenThen. Almost! 🙂

— Christina T, mom to a great little girl (Mission, BC)

Although the greatest gift I can give is probably unconditional love and support, the WhenThen Kids program reminds me that there are ‘building block behaviours or skills’; things that make children stronger, more resilient, more aware of the world around them. I know young kids are like sponges, watching everything going on, copying parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends.Therefore, if we role model the things that have particular meaning to us in the WhenThen Kids program, the kids will likely respond and try out those behaviours as well. We can’t necessarily take a lot of the credit for the progress, though, as perhaps each child is just naturally good at certain things, some are just happy kids, observant kids, people oriented rather than focused on things. If we can help them ‘practice things they aren’t naturally gifted at, so much the better. 

Good work to the WhenThenKids developers – the material is easy to read and understand and the tone and conciseness of the emails add extra value to the materials.

— Ken, Father to 2 and Grandfather to 3 (under 3 years of age)

Play is an area that is very close to my heart so I was very excited about this theme. I am always happy that there is an emphasis on play. I found most of the information very relevant and inspiring.

— Maya G., Mother and Play Specialist

I highly recommend WhenThen Kids to everyone interested in the social emotional development of this generation. I value that the information is not opinions, but factual and research based. I look forward to reading the latest post in my mailbox each week.

— Marg L., Parent, Grandparent, and former Child Care Worker

I have been working in the field supporting parents for the last forty years.  This is an excellent resource for any parent who really wants to understand their child and be the parent that that child needs. Knowledge makes parenting easier and an enjoyable experience.

— John Day, Father and Parent Support Worker

What I like best about the  ‘When Then Kids’ program is that each week you are sent ideas about specific, themed topics such as ‘decision-making’ or ‘gratitude.’ Each theme is explored in-depth and the reader is given actions, examples, and tasks to think about and complete. I find this approach engaging and thought provoking. And even though I am often not able to complete all the tasks in one given week, because I have absorbed the ideas and suggestions, I find myself improvising and applying them in my daily interactions with my toddler.

— Charlotte S., Mom of a toddler

I found the examples of other parents ideas of how to help their child make decisions very helpful. Also really loved your book suggestions! Super helpful. Will be checking them out from the library.

— Program tester (feedback given anonymously)

I loved the different activity suggestions as well as the book suggestions as they were practical things I actually felt I could accomplish to start encouraging gratitude.

— Program tester – Gratitude (feedback given anonymously)

I am very grateful I found this, and that gratefulness was the first topic. It made me realize how ungrateful I usually live my life, and that I have already passed this habit on to my 5 year old. This is very, very useful info you put together. Thank you.

— Tessa, Mom to Josh & Ben

My five year old daughter was sulking and crying. I tried one of the techniques I learned from WhenThen Kids, and two things happened: my daughter stopped crying and I found out what was really going on with her. It was awesome!

— Lisa M., Mom to a 4 & 5 year old