In a nutshell

The WhenThen Kids program is a how-to series. You receive emails filled with cutting-edge scientific research & tips. You become an expert. You raise strong, confident, resilient kids.

Time Commitment

You are busy. You have a lot going on, sometimes too much. But your child is incredibly important to you. We know how you can help your child succeed. And it will only take five minutes a day.


You commit less than five minutes per day.

How can five minutes a day make a difference?

Research shows that it is the quality of the time spent with children, not the amount, that makes the biggest difference. Our program follows this principle. We give you high-quality content, with no fluff.

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If it relates to children’s confidence and resilience, we have it.

Inner Resilience

Helping your child master him or herself. Adults who master themselves perform better at work and in relationships.

Supportive Relationships

Helping your child nurture and protect important relationships. Strong friendships are the most reliable indicator your child will have a long and healthy life.

Successful Habits

Helping your child build habits to become healthy and independent. Being happy and successful takes work! But it’s easier with these habits.

A Meaningful Life

Helping your child live a happy life. Happiness leads to success (not the opposite way around).

So 16 topics?

Yes, there are 16 different topic areas. For each topic, there are a few different skills. For example, connecting with others means you are able to read facial expressions, body language, and verbalize what you see. Each of these skills is described in detail in a 6-part email series.

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The Program

You get short emails, in a structured format. Over two weeks you receive 6 emails.


1. Research – why is this skill important? What does the research say?


2. Questions to get you thinking…maybe you are already teaching this skill!


3, 4, 5. Practical strategies & activities – because they are useful!


6. Resources – for those of you who like to dig deeper into the research

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Never fall behind

We know you are busy. This is why each skill is covered over the two week period. You have time to catch up, should life get in the way. And hey, sometimes life does find a way of getting busy!

Your kids thrive:)

You want to know the secrets of how to help your kids be successful, confident, and happy. Scientists know what skills and qualities really improve happiness and success in life. And so do we. And so can you.

Stress free

You don’t have time to stay on top of ALL of the research. But we do. Our trained staff sift through books and academic articles, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Feel smart, do good

You don’t just want research findings. You want to know how to teach these skills to your kids. We provide you with activities and tips. You now know what to do, and how to do it. It feels great to know you are making smart parenting decisions.

Quick and easy

You have tiny windows of time while you are waiting to pick up your child from school, waiting in the grocery line, or waiting for your kids to be ready to leave the house.

Each email is ‘bite sized’. It is designed to fit perfectly into those tiny windows of time. And it’s made to be read on your phone (because who doesn’t take their phone everywhere).

No passwords to memorize, no special technology to learn. Ready when you are, ready for life.

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