WhenThen Kids is an online education program connecting parents with research in child development. The program focuses on key social and emotional skills that are correlated with positive outcomes for children. It is delivered via bite-sized emails for busy parents. Our vision at WhenThen Kids is to improve the confidence of every child, everywhere.

What’s the story behind WhenThen Kids?

I have a ton of respect for parents. To me, it’s the hardest job there is. You are awed by the little human in front of you. You are exhausted. People you know and people you don’t know tell you what to do. But the advice is conflicted, and the stuff online gives you more to worry about. And just when things are starting to go smoothly, something changes.

The fields of epigenetics, positive psychology, and brain development fascinate me and they are still evolving. Did you know that science can tell us which compliments make kids try harder, and which ones make kids give up?

My passion is to share the research with parents, to make their jobs a little easier. I want to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that often goes along with parenting. I’m not a parent (yet) and I don’t know your family. What I can offer is my time and my passion for separating the science from the rumours. I will research, read, and share the facts with you. I want to help you feel informed and knowledgeable. That way you will feel great about making parenting decisions that fit your situation and your family.

The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.

 (Quote from Jill Churchill)

Who started WhenThen Kids?

Me, Andrea Lemire. I am a big sister, aunty, friend, wife, and hopefully, I will yet become a mom.

Kids have always been a big part of my life. I’m the oldest of four kids and nowadays I’m Aunty Oni. I cherish hanging out with the many wonderful children my family and friends are raising. I love taking their kids on ‘adventures’, building forts, and doing crafts together. I’m constantly entertained by the random and thought provoking things the kids say. I also love my role as a human jungle gym, baby cuddler, and storyteller.

I also love the smell of summer rain on hot pavement. I fall deeper in love every time my Spanish-speaking husband accidentally makes up words. I can devour a can of condensed milk faster than anyone I know. And I’m an information junkie.

That’s the stuff my friends would tell you. They would also tell you that I love their kids and would do anything for them. If you were looking for my professional history, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Our Vision: A world full of confident kids

WhenThen Kids envisions a future where all children value and have confidence in themselves.

To us, a confident child:

  • knows how to handle their emotions,
  • accepts and grows from their mistakes,
  • stands up for themselves and others,
  • is connected to people who love them, and
  • has a life full of meaning.

These children are happy, excel at overcoming setbacks, and are ready for whatever life brings. We want to be a part of helping parents raise confident kids!

We give back

WhenThen Kids is based on amazing research, research that we want to see continue! That’s why 5% of our proceeds are donated to research on the social-emotional development of children.

We appreciate our amazing community

WhenThen Kids has been brought to life by a host of amazing volunteers, advisors, and professionals. We wouldn’t be here without you!